17 Best Places to Sell Used Clothes Online and in Person

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Are you interested in clearing out your closet and earning some additional money? Selling your pre-owned clothing items both online and in person is an effective method to achieve this. Regardless of whether you have older clothing, designer labels, or vintage pieces, there are numerous platforms and physical stores where you can sell your clothing and generate income. This article will discuss the top 17 places to sell used clothes online, offering options for online and in-person sales, enabling you to find the ideal platform for your specific requirements.

Online Consignment Stores

In recent years, the popularity of online consignment stores has grown, providing a convenient option for selling clothes to a broad audience. These platforms generally manage the shipping and payment processes, simplifying the selling process. Here are some of the top online consignment stores to explore:

  1. Depop: Depop is a well-liked marketplace that offers a wide range of both established brands and independent sellers. Users have the option to list their clothing items and engage with potential buyers who have similar fashion preferences.
  2. ThredUP: ThredUP provides a convenient and stress-free process for selling your clothes. They offer a “clean-out kit” for you to fill with your clothing, and ThredUP handles everything else, including shipping and handling.
  3. Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace provides a convenient way to sell your clothes to local buyers. You can easily list your items and specify the location, allowing you to connect with potential buyers in your vicinity.
  4. Mercari: Mercari is an easy-to-use mobile application that enables users to list clothing, footwear, and accessories for sale. The platform charges a 10% fee on sales.
  5. Etsy: Etsy is famous for its handmade and vintage goods, but it also serves as a marketplace for selling clothing. If you possess one-of-a-kind or vintage items, Etsy may be an advantageous platform to explore.
  6. Poshmark: Poshmark is among the first reselling apps and includes a social media feature that allows you to connect with other fashion enthusiasts and efficiently sell items during exclusive “Posh Parties.”
  7. The RealReal: The RealReal focuses on luxury consignment, providing an ideal opportunity for individuals with high-end designer items to sell. They welcome clothing, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, home decor, and fine art.
  8. Rebag: Rebag specializes in the resale of designer handbags. If you have luxury bags that you no longer use, you can upload photos of them on Rebag’s website, and they will generate a quote for you.

Online Marketplaces and Platforms

Apart from specialized consignment stores, there are also online marketplaces and platforms available for direct clothing sales to buyers. These platforms typically offer greater control over the selling process but demand more effort from the seller. Here are some of the top online marketplaces and platforms for clothing sales:

  1. eBay: eBay is a long-standing marketplace where a diverse array of items, including clothing, can be sold. You retain complete autonomy over the entire selling process, from setting prices to engaging with customers.
  2. ASOS Marketplace: ASOS Marketplace provides a wonderful opportunity for reselling clothing items purchased online that didn’t suit your needs. This platform specializes in unique and vintage pieces, making it an ideal option for showcasing and selling your unwanted items.
  3. Crossroads Trading: Crossroads Trading has gained recognition for its brick-and-mortar retail locations, and they also provide a mail-in selling program. Customers can request a shipping bag, send their items by mail, and receive store credit or cash in return.
  4. Tradesy: Tradesy is a platform where you have the opportunity to sell clothing, shoes, and accessories. They apply a flat commission fee that is determined by the selling price of your items.
  5. Vinted: Vinted is an easy-to-use application that allows you to create listings for your clothing items and determine your own prices. There are no selling fees, so you will keep 100% of your earnings.
  6. Refashioner: Refashioner is a platform specializing in distinctive and cutting-edge clothing and accessories. If you have one-of-a-kind items to sell, Refashioner could be the ideal marketplace for them.

In-Person Options

If you are inclined toward selling your clothes in a face-to-face setting, there are numerous choices to consider, such as consignment stores and thrift shops. Below are two well-liked in-person alternatives:

  1. Buffalo Exchange: Buffalo Exchange is a consignment store that seeks out high-quality designer clothing. You have the option to either bring your items directly to their store or utilize their mail-in selling program.
  2. Crossroads Trading: Crossroads Trading, previously mentioned as an online platform, also maintains physical stores where you can personally sell used clothes online.

High-end in-person options

17. Vestiaire Collective: Building upon the thorough manual for selling secondhand clothing, there is encouraging information for individuals wanting to sell their luxury items, especially those from sought-after brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Tips for Selling Your Clothes Successfully

  • No matter the platform or method you select to sell used clothes online, here are some suggestions to optimize your success.
  • Capture clear, high-quality photos of your clothing from various angles to offer potential buyers a comprehensive view of the items.
  • Please provide thorough descriptions of your clothing items, including details about their condition, size, and brand, if applicable.
  • Establish competitive pricing by comparing similar items on the platform or at nearby thrift stores.
  • Advertise your listings on social media in order to expand your reach to a broader audience.
  • Send your items out quickly and securely in order to ensure a positive buying experience.
  • Think about grouping similar items together or providing discounts to motivate customers to make multiple purchases.
  • Sustain a positive reputation through the delivery of exceptional customer service and the timely resolution of any concerns or questions.

Reselling websites provide a great opportunity to make money from your used clothing while also offering an environmentally friendly option to maximize the value of your pre-owned items. Utilizing these platforms to sell luxury items, women’s clothing, and vintage finds can be an effective way to clear out clutter while ensuring that your items find new owners who will appreciate them. Additionally, the process typically includes a thorough inspection for signs of wear, guaranteeing that only high-quality pieces are offered for sale.

Moreover, individuals interested in conducting in-person sales may find hosting a yard sale or selling at a public venue, like a thrift store, to be beneficial. Nonetheless, when it comes to selling designer clothing and brand-name items, online consignment shops and luxury resale sites provide the optimal opportunity to maximize profits. Using convenient features such as the Mercari app for simplifying listing and selling and platforms dedicated to luxury and designer goods can often lead to the highest financial gains by targeting these specialized audiences.

Final Thought

Whether you are selling last season’s fashion, parting with vintage clothing, or looking to find a new home for high-end designer labels, the online marketplace provides a multitude of choices. Each platform, from eBay to Vestiaire Collective, offers distinct tools to assist sellers in reaching their target audience. Even though shipping fees, seller fees, and payment processing should be taken into account, the potential to earn a substantial profit and give your clothes a second life outweighs these concerns. It is important to remember that providing a detailed description, high-quality photos, and selecting the right platform are crucial for achieving a successful sale.

Why delay? Begin listing your items today and transform your closet clean-out into a profitable opportunity. Sell used clothes online as an effective method for decluttering your closet and earning extra money. You can too. You can opt for online consignment stores, marketplaces, or in-person avenues, as there are numerous platforms and stores ready to assist you in successfully selling your clothes. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to a prosperous selling experience.

Keep in mind that the crucial step is to identify the platform that most aligns with your requirements and personal preferences. Whether you prioritize convenience, reaching a broad audience, or targeting a specific niche market, there is a platform available to meet your needs. Begin organizing your closet and converting your unwanted clothes into money today!

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