7 Cheap Gym Memberships That Fit Your Budget Goals

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Finding cheap gym memberships that harmonize with both your budget and fitness goals can seem like navigating a maze of annual fees, enrollment costs, and membership tiers. With options beginning at as low as $10 a month, gyms like Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, and Crunch Fitness offer a pathway to fitness without breaking the bank. Yet, securing the best deal involves more than just eyeing the monthly dues; it’s crucial to explore the free trials local gyms offer, understand what each membership covers, and assess any additional fees or contract conditions that might affect your financial and fitness journey. This is the list of 7 cheap gym memberships that fit your budget goals.

This discourse maps out an exploration of 7 affordable gym memberships, guiding you through each gym’s unique offerings—from group fitness classes and personal training sessions to amenities like swimming pools and basketball courts. With a focus on maximizing value and aligning with diverse fitness goals, you’ll uncover insights to select the right gym that provides not just a great workout but enriches your overall fitness routine without straining your wallet. Whether you’re eyeing a membership gym near you or pondering the benefits of boutique fitness clubs, this journey aims to steer you towards achieving your health objectives economically and efficiently.

1. Planet Fitness Overview

Planet Fitness stands out as a beacon for those seeking affordable gym memberships without compromising on the variety of fitness experiences. With a starting monthly fee of just $9.99 across nearly all locations, it caters to a broad audience, particularly those new to the fitness journey or on a tight budget. However, it’s essential to note that the emphasis on a more inclusive and less intimidating gym environment means that free weights and more advanced equipment may not be as extensive as found in other gyms, and personal training services are not offered. This could be a deciding factor for individuals with specific strength training or personalized fitness goals.

Membership Options and Perks:

  • Classic Membership: Begins at $10/month, providing unlimited access to the home club, use of the PF Mobile App, and free fitness training within the club. This tier requires a 12-month commitment and includes an annual fee of $39, billed on October 1st each year.
  • PF Black Card Membership: Priced at $24.99/month, this premium option extends the Classic perks with additional benefits such as the ability to bring a guest every visit, access to any Planet Fitness location worldwide, and unlimited use of luxury amenities like tanning, massage chairs, and hydromassage. The PF Black Card also offers 50% off select drinks and access to exclusive partner rewards and discounts. Similar to the Classic, this tier has a 12-month commitment with an annual fee.

Unique Features:

  • Accessibility: There are over 2,500 fitness centers worldwide, ensuring that members can maintain their fitness routine wherever they are.
  • Inclusivity: A welcoming atmosphere with the infamous “lunk alarm” policy to discourage intimidating behavior, making it a great starting point for beginners.
  • Financial Flexibility: Offers a pre-paid membership option at $199 per year, eliminating the worry of monthly dues, enrollment, or cancellation fees for those preferring a one-time payment.
  • Community and Support: Free fitness training, customized workout plans, group training sessions, and classes are available to all members, fostering a supportive community environment.
  • Digital Integration: The Planet Fitness app provides gym workouts and tracking functionalities, enhancing the member’s fitness journey even outside the gym.

Planet Fitness’s approach to gym membership is clearly tailored towards making fitness accessible and less intimidating for everyone. While it may not cater to the needs of more advanced fitness enthusiasts due to the lack of certain equipment and personal training, its affordability, inclusive atmosphere, and range of amenities make it an attractive option for many.

2. 24-Hour Fitness Overview

24 Hour Fitness distinguishes itself with a tiered membership system designed to cater to various fitness needs and budgets. Their offerings range from the basic Silver membership to the more comprehensive Platinum membership, each designed with specific perks and accessibilities. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Membership Tiers:
    • Silver Membership: Priced between $14.99 and $29.99 per month, this tier grants access to one gym location along with essential fitness equipment like free weights, cardio machines, and strength training apparatus.
    • Gold Membership: With monthly fees ranging from $26.99 to $49.99, Gold members enjoy regional access to all 24 Hour Fitness gyms, on-demand workouts via the 24GO app, and a variety of in-person classes, including Zumba and yoga.
    • Platinum Membership: This premium tier, costing between $39.99 and $64.99 per month, offers nationwide gym access, two buddy passes, and full amenity access, catering to those seeking the most comprehensive fitness experience.

Each membership tier includes standard facilities such as free weights, cardio equipment, and access to the 24GO® Fitness App, enhancing the flexibility and convenience of managing fitness routines. For those seeking more than just gym equipment, Platinum and Gold memberships unlock access to exclusive amenities and classes, including GX24® studio and cycle classes, basketball and racquetball courts, and relaxation areas like saunas and whirlpools.

Innovative fitness solutions and flexibility in membership management stand out as core features of 24 Hour Fitness. Members can utilize the 24GO® Fitness App for personalized workout plans and manage their memberships online, ensuring a seamless integration of fitness into daily life. Additionally, the option to pay annually offers significant savings, especially for Gold and Platinum members, with annual costs ranging from $263.88 to $397.87 upfront, translating to lower monthly rates.

24 Hour Fitness caters to a wide audience by providing a variety of membership options, innovative fitness classes, and the convenience of digital integration, making it a compelling choice for those looking to tailor their gym experience to their specific fitness goals and financial considerations.

3. Crunch Fitness Overview

Crunch Fitness distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape of cheap gym memberships by offering a tiered membership system designed to cater to a variety of fitness goals and budgets. With nearly 400 locations nationwide, Crunch Fitness emerges as a formidable option for those seeking both accessibility and a comprehensive fitness experience. The gym prides itself on its commitment to positivity, inclusivity, and fun, creating an environment where fitness is not just about physical strength but also about mental health and community.

Membership Tiers and Key Features:

  • Base Membership: Starting at $9.99/month, this tier grants access to essential gym amenities, including cardio, weights, machines, and locker rooms with showers. Members also benefit from the CrunchOne Kickoff program and an online nutrition program, making it a solid choice for those new to fitness or on a tight budget.
  • Peak Membership: Elevates the experience by adding unlimited group fitness classes, guest privileges, and access to Crunch Live Online Workouts. This tier is ideal for those who enjoy the motivation of group settings and the flexibility of at-home workouts.
  • Peak Results Membership: The premium option includes all the benefits of the Peak membership, plus access to luxurious amenities such as a sauna, pool, basketball court, and more. For those seeking a comprehensive fitness experience with the added perks of relaxation and recovery facilities, the Peak Results tier stands out.

Crunch Fitness’s approach to personal training is notably flexible, offering sessions with skilled trainers for an additional fee. This allows members to customize their fitness journey according to their specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, strength training, or improving overall health. The gym’s wide range of equipment, including free weights, machines, and cardio equipment, ensures that members have everything they need to achieve their fitness goals.

The gym’s group fitness classes are a highlight, with options ranging from Chisel It and The Ride to Mind Body Burn to Cardio & Dance Rhythms. These classes cater to different interests and fitness levels, encouraging members to explore new workout styles in a supportive group setting. Crunch Fitness’s emphasis on cleanliness and its comprehensive list of services and amenities make it a competitive option for those seeking cheap gym memberships that don’t compromise on quality or experience.

4. Anytime Fitness Overview

Anytime Fitness sets itself apart in the realm of affordable gym memberships with its round-the-clock availability and expansive network of locations. With nearly 5,000 gyms worldwide, members enjoy the unparalleled convenience of working out at any time that fits their schedule, supported by a national membership fee average of about $41.00 in the United States. This 24/7 access model caters especially well to those with unpredictable schedules or night owls looking for a less crowded gym environment.

Membership Benefits and Services:

  • Personalized Fitness Plans & Professional Coaching: Tailored workout plans and access to knowledgeable coaches ensure members can achieve their fitness goals efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Equipment Range: From treadmills and ellipticals to free weights and 360 training systems, the variety caters to all fitness levels and preferences.
  • Exclusive Member Services: Free fitness consultations, health plan discounts, and wellness programs add significant value beyond the gym floor. The AF App enhances the experience with personalized workouts, a community board, and easy scheduling.
  • Diverse Training Options: Whether it’s personal training, team training, or a variety of classes, including spinning, Zumba, and yoga, there’s something for everyone.
  • Convenience Features: 24-hour security, private restrooms and showers, and access to any AF gym worldwide underscore the brand’s commitment to convenience and safety.

Membership Pricing and Policies:

  • Flexible Contracts: Options range from 6 to 18 months, accommodating short-term and long-term fitness commitments.
  • Discounts and Payment Flexibility: Offers for family, students, and military, among others, ensure affordability, while multiple payment options cater to different financial situations.
  • Cancellation and Transferability: Clear policies allow for membership freezing or transfer, providing peace of mind for those facing life changes.

Anytime Fitness thrives on making fitness both accessible and flexible, offering a supportive community and a variety of training options to keep members engaged and motivated. The blend of convenience, personalized services, and a welcoming atmosphere makes it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a gym that fits their lifestyle, not the other way around.

5. Gold’s Gym Overview

Gold’s Gym, a stalwart in the fitness industry with nearly 700 locations worldwide, offers a range of membership packages tailored to different fitness needs and budgets. The pricing for the cheapest membership starts at $25.00 per month, but it’s important to note that costs and features can vary significantly by location. Here’s a closer look at the membership options available:

  • Basic Plan ($29.99/month): This plan is the entry point for many, offering full fitness floor access, unlimited group X classes, and cycle classes, with the added benefit of free guest access on weekends. A $0 enrollment fee makes this an attractive option for those seeking comprehensive gym access without upfront costs.
  • Freedom Plan ($35.99/month): For those averse to long-term commitments, the Freedom plan offers similar benefits to the Basic plan but with no commitment required, albeit with a $29 enrollment fee.
  • Essentials Plan ($39.99/month): Adding to the Basic plan’s offerings, the Essentials plan includes Styku Body Composition Analysis once a month, providing valuable insights into physical progress, for a monthly fee and enrollment cost.
  • Boost Training 6 Months ($79.99/month): This premium plan caters to those seeking a more personalized fitness journey, offering nutrition guidance, one-on-one coaching, and exclusive 30nDone classes, alongside the monthly Styku Body Composition analysis, all without an enrollment fee.

All plans, except the Boost Training 6 Months, incur a $39 annual fee, highlighting the importance of considering long-term costs when choosing the best membership for your fitness journey.

Amenities across Gold’s Gym locations include:

  • Group exercise classes
  • Personal training
  • Cardio equipment and free weights
  • Access to fitness equipment, unlimited group fitness classes, and unique offerings like unlimited recovery bed and InBody Results Consultation under the Single Club Membership and Passport Club Access plans.

Gold’s Gym also offers a free 7-day pass, allowing potential members to experience the gym’s offerings firsthand. This, combined with the flexibility of month-to-month memberships and the availability of amenities such as free WiFi, parking, and access to GOLD’S Studio Training under the Passport Club Access plan, positions Gold’s Gym as a competitive option for those seeking both affordability and flexibility in their fitness routine. However, it’s important to consider the variation in membership costs by location and the impact of COVID state restrictions on the availability of certain amenities.

6. LA Fitness Overview

LA Fitness, established in Southern California in 1984, has grown into a significant player in the fitness industry, aiming to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of its members. With a focus on family and inclusivity, LA Fitness offers a wide range of amenities and services designed to cater to members of all ages and interests. From group fitness classes and leagues to personal training and a comprehensive mobile application, the gym provides a variety of options to help members achieve their fitness goals. However, it’s important to note that certain services, such as the Kids Klub and Personal Training, may incur additional charges, adding to the overall cost of membership.

Membership Details:

  • Age Requirement: Members must be at least 16 years old, or 13 with a legal guardian, ensuring a safe and appropriate environment for all ages.
  • Membership Plans: LA Fitness offers several plans, including single-club and multi-state club memberships. The single club membership grants access to one specific LA Fitness location, while the multi-state club membership allows access to all LA Fitness, Esporta Fitness, and City Sports Clubs in the US and Canada, providing flexibility for those who travel frequently or live in multiple states.
  • Fees: Memberships may require an initiation fee, down payment, and/or annual fee, as outlined in the membership agreement. Monthly charges are facilitated through electronic funds transfers from a checking or savings account or automatic transfers from an accepted credit or debit card, ensuring a seamless payment process.

Unique Features and Amenities:

  • Corporate Memberships: Tailored options for businesses, including corporate billing and check-in options, cater to the needs of corporate clients looking for fitness solutions for their employees.
  • Digital Tools: Members have access to a variety of digital tools, such as account creation, personal training schedules, and the ability to add family members or VIP guests, enhancing the overall membership experience.
  • Accessibility: The LA Fitness website is optimized for accessibility, ensuring that all members can easily navigate and utilize online resources.
  • Facilities: Common amenities at LA Fitness locations include a hot tub, at least a 3-lane pool, sauna, new top-end cardio and lifting equipment, basketball and racquetball courts, and a tire flipping section, providing a comprehensive fitness experience. Additionally, some locations offer a juice bar and quality daycare programs, adding convenience for members.

It’s recommended for prospective members to visit a local LA Fitness club for specific pricing and membership details, as costs can vary based on location, membership type, and ongoing promotions. Promotional offers or discounts may be available, presenting an opportunity for savings. With its broad range of services and amenities, LA Fitness positions itself as a versatile option for individuals and families seeking a gym that aligns with their fitness journey and lifestyle needs.

7. Blink Fitness Overview

Blink Fitness, with its expansive network of over 100 gyms primarily located in the Northeastern United States, positions itself as a convenient option for many, especially those living in urban areas. The gym focuses on providing a straightforward, no-frills workout experience, emphasizing strength and cardio equipment. Unlike some competitors, Blink Fitness opts out of luxury amenities like saunas and pools, focusing instead on the essentials of a great workout. This approach aligns well with individuals seeking effective fitness routines without the need for additional spa-like services.

  • Membership Options:
    • Gray Membership: Basic access to a single location.
    • Blue Membership: Offers multi-club access within a specific region.
    • Green Membership: Includes unlimited guest privileges and access to all Blink locations.
    • Orange Membership: The premium tier, details of which are available on the Blink Fitness website or app.

The starting cost for a Blink Fitness membership is as low as $10 per month, with an annual maintenance fee of $56.99, making it one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. For those interested in personal training, services are available at an approximate cost of $42 per hour, providing flexibility for members to enhance their fitness journey as needed. Additionally, Blink Fitness stands out by offering a free trial, allowing prospective members to experience the gym before committing, and a dedicated app that enhances the user experience by providing easy access to gym services and resources.

Blink Fitness also caters to businesses through its corporate program, potentially offering discounted rates for employees of participating companies and to entrepreneurs with franchising opportunities. The inclusion of virtual fitness options and a comprehensive blog on their website suggests a commitment to supporting members’ fitness journeys beyond the gym walls. This combination of affordability, convenience, and supportive resources makes Blink Fitness an attractive option for those prioritizing straightforward fitness solutions and community engagement.


Through the exploration of various affordable gym memberships, from the no-frills accessibility of Planet Fitness to the comprehensive amenities offered by Gold’s Gym, this article has endeavored to guide readers toward making informed decisions that align with their fitness and financial goals. We’ve dissected the fine print on membership fees, highlighted the significance of additional perks like group fitness classes and personal training sessions, and underscored the importance of considering both upfront and ongoing costs. In doing so, we illuminated paths to achieving wellness without overspending, demonstrating that a fruitful fitness journey need not be tethered to exorbitant expenses.

As we conclude, it’s crucial to remember that the first step towards a healthier lifestyle begins not just with selecting the right gym but also with leveraging other resources available to us. Exploring free trials at local gyms, integrating fitness apps into our daily routines, or even crafting a home gym setup can offer a personalized approach to fitness that fits neatly within our lifestyles and budgets. Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer reassessing your current membership or a newcomer ready to embark on your fitness journey, we encourage you to consider all avenues to wellness. Remember, achieving your health and fitness goals is a marathon, not a sprint; patience, persistence, and a well-thought-out plan will always be your best allies.

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What are the most affordable gym memberships available?

Crunch Fitness’s Basic membership and Planet Fitness both offer gym memberships that are relatively inexpensive, costing around $9.99 per month each. These are the lowest prices among chain gyms.

How can I save money when signing up for a gym?

Opting for a single-site membership instead of one that allows access to multiple locations can be more cost-effective. Additionally, considering an off-peak membership can lead to savings if your schedule allows you to visit the gym during less busy hours.

Is spending $50 monthly on a gym membership considered expensive?

Gym membership costs typically range from $40 to $70 per month, although premium gyms may charge more. Factors such as location, available amenities, and membership perks can influence the overall cost.

What is a reasonable monthly budget for a gym membership?

Generally, gym memberships can cost anywhere from $10 to $100 a month. While some well-known gym chains offer memberships on the lower end of this spectrum, luxury fitness clubs may have significantly higher rates. Yoga classes, ride classes, and steam rooms are offered at many gyms.

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