Is InboxDollars Really Legit? Full Review

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With over $80 million paid out to its members since its inception in 2000, InboxDollars has positioned itself as a legitimate platform for earning extra cash online. This platform offers a variety of tasks, such as taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online, making it an easy way for users to earn money in their free time. With a $5 sign-up bonus for new users and a strong approval rating of 4.2/5 based on over 23,000 reviews on Trustpilot, the question arises: is InboxDollars legit?

This article delves into the legitimacy of InboxDollars, providing a comprehensive review from its earning mechanisms and comparing it with other survey sites. By covering aspects like cash rewards, customer service, and the experiences of InboxDollars members, the review aims to give an insightful look into whether InboxDollars is an effective and trustworthy way to earn extra money online. With its longstanding history and positive feedback across various platforms, we explore what makes InboxDollars a trusted name among online rewards clubs.

What are InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a multifaceted platform that empowers users to earn money through a variety of online activities. The essence of InboxDollars lies in its simplicity and diversity of tasks available for users. Here’s a breakdown of the primary ways users can engage with the platform:

  • Surveys and Videos: Users can participate in surveys tailored to their interests and watch videos, ranging from advertisements to informative content.
  • Shopping and Offers: Through the Billy Button browser extension, users receive cashback on online purchases, while the platform also offers savings through printed coupons for in-store shopping.
  • Games and Emails: Engaging in online games and reading paid emails are other avenues through which users can accumulate earnings.

The eligibility criteria for joining InboxDollars are straightforward: individuals must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid email address, and have a phone number issued by a major carrier. The sign-up process is free, quick, and accompanied by a mobile app for convenience. Upon joining, users are greeted with a $5 bonus, setting a positive tone for their earning journey on the platform.

How to Earn Money on InboxDollars

Earning money on InboxDollars can be both straightforward and diverse, offering multiple methods to boost one’s earnings. Here’s a breakdown of the primary ways users can increase their cash rewards:

  • Surveys and Videos:
    • Complete surveys tailored to your interests. The amount you can earn varies depending on the survey’s length and topic.
    • Watch videos on Sports, Entertainment, and News to earn cash for each video viewed.
  • Referrals and Offers:
    • Refer friends and earn a percentage of their earnings. You receive 30% of their earnings plus a $1 sign-up bonus for each friend.
    • Participate in offers on the InboxDollars Offers page, earning at least $6.00 per month. Offers are credited within a few business days.
  • Daily Activities:
    • Use the InboxDollars Search engine for every 4 searches to earn rewards and Scratch and Win progress.
    • Read PaidEmails and click on the magenta button that says, “Confirm this PaidEmail” to get rewarded.
    • Print coupons and earn $0.01 for each coupon (up to 25 coupons per day) and receive an additional $0.10 for each coupon redeemed in-store.

These methods, among others, provide users with various opportunities to earn real cash, not points, making InboxDollars a legitimate way to earn extra money online.

The Pros and Cons of InboxDollars

Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of InboxDollars provides a balanced view for individuals considering this platform for earning extra cash. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Flexibility and Variety: Users enjoy a flexible way to earn extra cash through diverse online activities, from completing surveys to shopping online.
  • Sign-Up Bonus and Referral Program: A $5 bonus is instantly credited upon registration, and the referral program offers a generous 30% of friends’ lifetime earnings.
  • Multiple Payment Options: InboxDollars stands out with several payout options, including PayPal, checks, and gift cards to popular merchants like Amazon.
  • Positive Trustpilot Rating: With a 4.2 out of 5-star rating based on over 38,000 reviews, it reflects user satisfaction.


  • Earning Threshold and Slow Earnings: A $30 minimum is required before cashing out, and earning pace can be slow, averaging around $2–3 per hour.
  • Qualification for Surveys: Users often face disqualification from surveys, which can be frustrating.
  • Account Issues: Some report their accounts being deactivated without clear reasons, along challenges in cashing out due to strict terms.

InboxDollars presents a legitimate way to earn online, yet users should weigh these factors to determine if it aligns with their expectations and time investment.

Comparing InboxDollars to Other Survey Sites

When comparing InboxDollars to other survey sites, it’s essential to consider several key factors that influence a user’s experience and potential earnings. Here’s a breakdown comparing InboxDollars with Survey Junkie, Vindale, Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Branded Surveys:

  • Minimum Cash Out Threshold:
    • InboxDollars: $30.00
    • Survey Junkie: $10.00
    • Vindale: $50.00
    • Swagbucks: $2.50
  • Platform Accessibility:
    • InboxDollars and Survey Junkie: Available on desktop, tablet, mobile web, and mobile apps (iTunes and Google Play Store).
    • Opinion Outpost and Vindale: Limited to web-based earning.
  • Sign-Up Bonus:
    • InboxDollars: $5
    • Vindale: $1
    • Swagbucks: Offers various sign-up incentives, including free points.
  • Earning Opportunities:
    • InboxDollars and Swagbucks (owned by Prodege): Offer a wide variety of tasks, including surveys, videos, shopping, and more.
    • MyPoints: Provides 10 ways to earn.
    • Branded Surveys: Mainly limited to surveys.

Considering these aspects, users seeking lower payout thresholds might find Swagbucks more appealing, whereas those looking for a significant sign-up bonus might lean towards InboxDollars. Diversifying one’s presence across multiple platforms, including InboxDollars and Swagbucks, could maximize earning opportunities.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Earnings on InboxDollars

To maximize earnings on InboxDollars, members can adopt several strategies that leverage the platform’s diverse opportunities for earning extra cash. Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your earning potential:

  1. Daily Checklist:
    • Complete Surveys: Aim to complete at least one or two surveys a day. Surveys with higher payouts might take more time but are worth the effort.
    • Watch Videos: Incorporate watching videos into your daily routine. It’s an easy task that can be done while multitasking.
    • Use the Search Engine: Make InboxDollars your default search engine to earn credits for activities you already do online.
  2. Maximize special offers:
    • Sign-Up Bonuses: Take advantage of sign-up bonuses for new services or products. These often have the highest payouts.
    • Magic Receipts: Use Magic Receipts for cashback on groceries. This not only saves money but also earns you cash rewards.
  3. Engagement and Consistency:
    • Daily Login: Simply logging in daily can sometimes provide bonus activities or rewards.
    • Referral Program: Refer friends and family to earn a percentage of their earnings, compounding your income over time.
    • Stay Informed: Regularly check your email for exclusive offers and tasks from InboxDollars, ensuring you don’t miss out on high-paying opportunities.

By integrating these strategies into your routine, you can effectively increase your earnings on InboxDollars, making it a more lucrative platform for generating extra income in your spare time.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Throughout this article, we’ve explored the various facets of InboxDollars, highlighting its legitimacy as a platform for earning extra cash through simple tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. The evidence is clear: with an extensive history of substantial payouts, a variety of ways to earn, and positive feedback from a large community of users, InboxDollars stands out as a reliable source for anyone looking to supplement their income from the comfort of their home. This in-depth review has shed light on the platform’s advantages, from its straightforward sign-up process to the diversity of tasks available, making it an appealing option for those seeking to earn real money in their spare time.

As we conclude, it’s evident that InboxDollars offers a legitimate way for individuals to harness their free time to earn extra income. With its array of earning opportunities and a user-friendly experience, InboxDollars can be a valuable tool in one’s arsenal for managing economic challenges or simply enjoying the benefits of extra cash flow. For those ready to begin their journey to earning through online activities, engaging with InboxDollars provides a promising avenue. Consider exploring the platform further and start turning your spare moments into earnings; it’s a proactive step towards achieving your financial goals, one task at a time.

Is InboxDollars a reputable company? Complete Review” looks into the legitimacy of the site and highlights the variety of ways users can earn money, such as through shopping, videos, and surveys. With a positive Trustpilot rating and a $5 sign-up bonus, InboxDollars proves to be a dependable online rewards program. It presents a legitimate alternative to other sources of income due to its variety of earning opportunities and lack of survey disqualifications, even in the face of obstacles like a $30 cash-out threshold. Its unique benefits are highlighted by comparisons with other survey providers like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Members can maximize their InboxDollars earnings by employing tactics like daily checklists and referrals. The platform’s variety of features, such as email reading and online shopping, make it appear like a reliable way to make quick money. Users value PayPal’s ease of use for transfers as well as the chance to win real money through free games. By enabling users to earn extra money while on the go, the InboxDollars app improves the overall experience. InboxDollars is a great option among similar websites for people looking for easy money or free gift cards because it provides a legitimate way to increase income through various online tasks, even though it might not be able to replace a full-time job. For those trying to maximize their free time, InboxDollars is a reputable choice because of its favorable reviews and endorsements from reliable companies.”


What are the drawbacks of using InboxDollars?

InboxDollars comes with a few disadvantages to consider:

  • The earning potential is limited, with users generally making small amounts for each task, ranging from a dollar to $20.
  • It’s not a viable option for individuals without spare time.
  • Signing up for numerous offers might result in an influx of marketing emails.

How quickly can you receive payment from InboxDollars?

The time it takes to receive payment from InboxDollars varies. Depending on the timing and nature of the request, processing payment requests may take several business days. Additional verification steps can extend this period slightly. Typically, rewards are disbursed within 3 business days.

Is there an app superior to InboxDollars?

This question remains unanswered in the provided information.

How does InboxDollars compare to Survey Junkie?

When choosing between InboxDollars and Survey Junkie, it boils down to personal preferences regarding rewards. Survey Junkie and Swagbucks might be more appealing if you prefer accumulating points and enjoy a low cash-out threshold. Conversely, if you’re fine with earning smaller amounts of actual money as rewards, InboxDollars could be a more suitable option for you. Online surveys and inbox dollars are two of the best ways to earn money from an online rewards club. The Inboxdollars website is a legit way to earn some money.

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