The Top 5 Stock Picks for April 2024

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The surge in the stock market has caught the attention of investors, with the S&P 500 experiencing unprecedented highs in recent times, topping charts with 22 record peaks in just three months. This upward trend results from the robust underpinnings of a surprisingly buoyant economy, stoked further by expectations of Federal Reserve rate cuts, which promise to infuse even more capital into the markets. Recognizing the potential for substantial gains, The Motley Fool has pinpointed the best stocks for April 2024, a list that stands at the confluence of high investor enthusiasm, promising tech innovations, and strategic market positions. Amidst this backdrop, artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles (EVs), and cloud computing emerge as sectors with tantalizing prospects for growth, promising higher returns and solidifying their positions as key drivers of market expansion.

As we delve into the specifics, this article highlights the top five picks from The Motley Fool’s recommendations, aiming to navigate investors through the vibrant landscape of growth stocks, tech giants, and emerging market leaders poised for remarkable performance. With sectors like AI, EVs, and cloud computing at the forefront of driving market gains, alongside strategic moves by giants such as Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft, the coming months present an opportune moment to capitalize on stocks that not only promise high returns but also showcase substantial growth potential and robust market positions. Through embracing these recommendations, investors are positioned to leverage the shifting dynamics of the stock market to their advantage, marking April 2024 as a pivotal point for strategic investments.

1. Toast (TOST)

In the vibrant landscape of the stock market, certain stocks stand out not only for their current performance but for their potential to soar in the near future. Among these, Toast (TOST) emerges as a compelling growth stock with a narrative of accelerating sales growth and an improving profitability outlook. Despite facing challenges such as a poorly received service fee, layoffs, and a CEO change, Toast’s resilience and strategic adjustments position it as a stock with significant upside potential. Key points to note include:

  • Accelerating Sales Growth: Toast has demonstrated a consistent increase in sales, indicating strong demand for its services and an expanding customer base.
  • Improving Profitability: Despite initial setbacks, the company is on a clear path toward improved profitability, showcasing its ability to adapt and thrive.
  • Overcoming Challenges: The response to layoffs and a CEO change has been strategically managed, ensuring minimal disruption to the company’s growth trajectory.

Another stock catching the eye of investors is SNDL, operating within the burgeoning cannabis sector. The recent decriminalization of cannabis in Germany has acted as a catalyst, propelling related stocks, including SNDL, into the spotlight. This legislative change opens up new markets and opportunities for growth, making SNDL a stock pick with intriguing potential. Factors contributing to its appeal include:

  • Legislative Catalyst: Germany’s progressive stance on cannabis decriminalization serves as a significant growth driver for SNDL and the sector at large.
  • Market Expansion: The opening of new markets in Europe provides SNDL with opportunities to expand its footprint and increase its market share.

As investors look toward April 2024, the stock market presents a plethora of opportunities across various sectors. With Toast (TOST) and SNDL standing out for their growth potential and strategic market positions, they represent just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting investment landscape. As the stock market continues to evolve, these picks offer a glimpse into the sectors and companies poised for remarkable performance, making them worthy of consideration for those looking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities.

2. Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)

Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) emerges as the top stock pick for April 2024, distinguished by its robust performance and promising financial metrics. As an industry leader in construction and mining equipment, Caterpillar has consistently demonstrated its capacity to navigate market fluctuations and capitalize on growth opportunities. Key highlights include:

  • P/E Ratio and Dividend Yield: Trading at an 18 P/E ratio, Caterpillar offers an attractive 1.42% dividend yield. This financial metric is a testament to the company’s stable earnings and its commitment to returning value to shareholders.
  • Dividend Growth and Stock Performance: The company has raised its quarterly dividend by 8.3% year-over-year in 2023, signaling confidence in its financial health. Furthermore, the stock has seen an impressive uptrend, with a 25% increase year-to-date, a 59% rise over the past year, and a remarkable 161% growth over the past five years.
  • Financial Results: In Q4 2023, Caterpillar reported a 3% year-over-year revenue growth, while its net income surged by 84% compared to the same period last year. These figures highlight the company’s robust profitability and efficient operational management.

Adjacent to Caterpillar’s success, United Parcel Service (UPS) presents a compelling case for investors seeking stable dividends and growth potential. Despite facing a slight dip in Q4 2023 revenue, UPS’s diversified business model and strategic focus on expanding its healthcare division set the stage for future revenue growth and improved profit margins. Noteworthy points include:

  • Dividend Yield: UPS offers a generous 4.40% dividend yield, reflecting its strong cash flow and commitment to shareholder returns.
  • Healthcare Division Expansion: With plans to double its healthcare division by 2026, UPS is positioning itself to capture a larger market share in the rapidly growing healthcare logistics sector. This strategic move is expected to bolster the company’s revenue growth and enhance its profit margins in the coming years.

In the realm of technological innovation and market trends, Nvidia (NVDA) continues to capture investor attention with its bullish momentum. The company’s leadership in the industries of artificial intelligence, gaming, and data centers has driven its stock up 82% year to date. Nvidia’s performance not only underscores the high growth potential of tech stocks but also highlights the broader market’s appetite for companies at the forefront of technological advancements.

By considering Caterpillar, UPS, and Nvidia, investors are presented with a diversified portfolio of stocks that span across different industries, each with unique growth drivers and financial strengths. Caterpillar’s robust performance in the construction and mining sector, UPS’s strategic expansion in healthcare logistics, and Nvidia’s dominance in the tech industry exemplify the varied opportunities available in the stock market for April 2024.

3. Brookfield Renewable (BEP/BEPC)

Brookfield Renewable (BEP/BEPC) stands out as a high-yield stock in the renewable energy sector, demonstrating significant growth potential across the globe. With operations spanning 20 countries and a focus on hydropower, wind, solar, and energy storage, Brookfield Renewable is well-positioned to capitalize on the global shift towards sustainable energy. Key highlights include:

  • Diverse Energy Portfolio: A mix of hydropower, wind, solar, and energy storage ensuring resilience against market fluctuations.
  • Global Presence: Operations in 20 countries, providing a broad base for growth and diversification.
  • High-Yield Stock: Attractive to investors seeking long-term, stable returns in the renewable energy sector.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) captures attention as a leading force in the semiconductor industry. As the world’s premier manufacturer of semiconductor chips, TSMC plays a pivotal role in powering a wide array of technologies, from smartphones to advanced computing systems. Investors should note:

  • Industry Leadership: TSMC’s dominant position in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Critical Role in Tech Supply Chain: Essential to the production of high-demand tech products, ensuring steady demand for its services.
  • Growth Potential: With the ongoing tech evolution, TSMC is poised for further expansion.

Nvidia, a titan in the tech industry, continues to impress with an 82% year-to-date return, highlighting its dominance in artificial intelligence, gaming, and data centers. The surge in Nvidia’s revenue, profits, and cash flow underpins its higher valuation, making it a top pick for investors looking at the tech sector. Noteworthy aspects include:

  • Remarkable Year-to-Date Return: An 82% increase, showcasing strong investor confidence.
  • Forward P/E Ratio: At $29.99, indicating potential for growth given Nvidia’s lucrative prospects in AI and cloud computing.
  • Market Influence: A significant contributor to the market’s ascent, reflecting its importance in the tech industry’s future.

Incorporating these stocks into an investment portfolio offers a blend of stability, growth potential, and exposure to key industries shaping the future, from renewable energy and semiconductor manufacturing to cutting-edge technology in AI and cloud computing.

4. United Parcel Service (UPS) and Procter & Gamble (PG)

United Parcel Service (UPS) and Procter & Gamble (PG) are both distinguished by their robust dividend histories and growth prospects. UPS, with its clear path to growth, is expected to achieve record revenue and margins by 2026, making it a high-yield dividend stock to watch. On the other hand, PG stands as a Dividend King, having increased its dividend for 67 consecutive years, with anticipation high for its 2024 dividend announcement in April. Both companies offer:

  • Stable Dividend Yields: UPS and PG are renowned for their consistent dividend payments, appealing to investors seeking steady income streams.
  • Growth Prospects: UPS’s strategic initiatives promise enhanced profitability and revenue growth, while PG’s long history of dividend increases reflects its operational strength and commitment to shareholder value.

Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) and Visa present contrasting yet compelling investment opportunities. MARA, as a leading Bitcoin miner, stands to benefit from the cryptocurrency’s expected price movements around its halving events, offering a high-risk but potentially high-reward pick. Visa, with a 7.39% year-to-date return, showcases stability and growth in the financial services sector. Key considerations include:

  • Market Position: MARA’s role in the cryptocurrency mining industry offers unique exposure to digital asset trends, while Visa’s established presence in global payment systems provides a more stable investment option.
  • Potential growth: The anticipated price increase for Bitcoin following its halving could have a significant impact on MARA’s profitability, whereas Visa’s consistent performance is a result of the expanding digital payments landscape.

Walmart (WMT) emerges as the top stock pick for April 2024, combining growth with stability. With a 31 P/E ratio and a 1.38% dividend yield, Walmart’s financial health is solid. With support from a 9% dividend increase in 2024, the stock has increased by 21% over the past year and 83% over the previous five years. The company’s e-commerce and global advertising businesses have seen substantial growth, with increases of 23% and 32% year-over-year, respectively. Walmart’s strengths lie in:

  • E-Commerce and Advertising Growth: The significant year-over-year increases in these areas highlight Walmart’s successful adaptation to digital trends and its ability to capture market share.
  • Financial Performance: The stock’s impressive appreciation and consistent dividend increases underscore Walmart’s robust financial health and its appeal to both growth and income investors.

5. Micron Technology (MU)

Micron Technology emerges as a standout stock for April 2024, riding the wave of burgeoning demand for artificial intelligence (AI) Edge devices. The company’s strategic positioning to benefit from the upcoming replacement cycle across computers, phones, tablets, and laptops underscores its potential for growth. Key aspects to note about Micron Technology include:

  • Forward P/E Ratio: Trading at a forward price to earnings of 15.46, Micron presents an attractive investment opportunity.
  • AI Edge Devices Demand: The surge in demand for AI Edge devices places Micron in a prime position to capitalize on market trends.
  • Upcoming Replacement Cycle: The anticipated replacement cycle for key tech devices opens additional avenues for revenue growth.

In the broader context of the stock market, Nvidia and Fiverr International also present compelling investment opportunities, each with unique strengths:

  • Nvidia: Despite its 82% year-to-date return, Nvidia’s forward P/E ratio of 29.99 suggests it remains a good value, especially given its lucrative prospects in artificial intelligence.
  • Fiverr International: With a forward P/E ratio of just 9, Fiverr stands out as the cheapest stock on the list, offering potential for investors seeking value in the tech sector.

The landscape of top stock picks for April 2024 showcases a diverse array of companies, from Micron Technology’s promising position in the AI Edge device market to Nvidia’s continued dominance in artificial intelligence and Fiverr International’s value proposition. Investors are encouraged to consider these stocks against their investment strategies and market trends, keeping in mind the broader performance of the top 24 stocks, which have delivered a 10.37% return year-to-date, mirroring the S&P 500’s performance. This blend of growth potential, market positioning, and value offers a robust portfolio for those looking to invest in April 2024.

Emerging Trends

Emerging trends in the stock market are shaping the investment landscape for April 2024, with several key factors driving investor interest and market dynamics. Here are some of the most notable trends:

  • Regulatory Changes and Market Acceptance:
    • SNDL stands out in the cannabis sector, benefiting from regulatory changes and increasing acceptance, indicating a promising growth trajectory.
    • Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), as a leading Bitcoin miner, is poised to capitalize on the cyclical nature of Bitcoin, especially around its halving event in April 2024, suggesting a potential uptick in its stock value.
  • Innovative Products and Services:
    • Robinhood (HOOD) is drawing users with its gold card offering 3% cash back on all purchases, alongside a growing ecosystem that encourages increased engagement and investment, highlighting the appeal of fintech innovation.
    • Apple (AAPL) is expected to unveil its AI strategy in June 2024, potentially boosting its share price by aligning with the burgeoning demand for AI technologies.
  • Sector-Specific Growth:
    • Due to significant R&D investment and commanding market shares, the technology sector is driving market gains with companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Nvidia at the forefront.
    • The renewable energy sector is gaining momentum, with Brookfield Renewable (BEP/BEPC) showcasing the potential for high-yield returns, thanks to its diversified energy portfolio and global presence.

These trends underscore the importance of staying informed about market movements, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. Investors are encouraged to consider these factors when evaluating their investment strategies for April 2024, ensuring a well-rounded approach to capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the stock market.


In conclusion, the stock market offers a multitude of opportunities for wise investors as we enter the second quarter of 2024. The opportunity to invest in industry trends that are influencing the future is excellent, especially with meta platforms and tech giants like Microsoft Corporation and Alphabet Inc. leading the way. Businesses with a strong sense of direction, a healthy balance sheet, and remarkable earnings growth are well-positioned to make big moves, particularly in fields like artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and cloud computing. In addition to conventional measures like P/E ratios and free cash flow, investors should take into account a stock’s intrinsic and fair value as the market capitalization of behemoths like Amazon and Tesla soars to new heights. The consumer discretionary and technology sectors, which have demonstrated resilience in the face of potential interest rate reductions, could yield profitable returns.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and index funds that offer exposure to a diverse portfolio of stocks—including those listed on the New York Stock Exchange and other U.S. exchanges—should also be monitored by investors. Long-term investors continue to find stocks like Visa Inc. and Goldman Sachs appealing due to their strong performance and hedge fund sentiment. In addition, new developments such as virtual reality and generative AI, combined with the growing significance of cloud computing and data centers, emphasize how critical it is to remain informed and modify investment plans in response to changing market conditions. Investors can successfully negotiate the intricacies of the stock market and seize the opportunities that await in April 2024 and beyond by utilizing the insights provided by premier hedge funds and business titans.

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1. What are the best stocks to invest in for 2024?
For those looking to make investments in 2024, it’s crucial to keep an eye on market trends and forecasts. While specific “best” stocks can vary based on current market conditions and future predictions, investors should conduct thorough research or consult financial advisors for personalized advice.

2. Which stocks are expected to rise over the next five years?
Predicting stock performance over the next five years involves analyzing market trends, company performance, and economic indicators. Stocks in growing industries or with strong fundamentals may offer potential for appreciation. Investors should consider long-term growth prospects when selecting stocks for their portfolios.

3. Are there any stocks predicted to experience significant growth soon?
Certain stocks are anticipated to “boom” or significantly increase in value based on market trends, innovative products, or services and strong financial health. Investors should stay informed about market news and analyses to identify these potential opportunities.

4. Can you recommend ten stocks to buy at the moment?
According to the latest poll, here are ten stocks to consider buying now:

  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries at ₹609.3
  • Data Patterns (India) at ₹2,238.60: BUY
  • Federal Bank at ₹164.60: BUY
  • PNC Infratech at ₹368.35: BUY
  • Latent View Analytics at ₹466.75: BUY

These recommendations are based on current market evaluations and are subject to change. Investors should perform their due diligence or consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions

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