Top 5 Destinations to Order Checks Online in 2024

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Ordering checks online streamlines managing financial transactions, offering a secure and personalized way to reflect your personal or business brand through personalized checks. From choosing designs to customizing with high-security features, ordering checks online provides options tailored to every need, including for personal checks, business checks, and even specialized checks for small businesses. These are the Top 5 Destinations to Order Checks Online in 2024.

This guide navigates the top destinations to order checks online in 2024, highlighting the best places that cater to a wide range of preferences and financial requirements. Expect insights on securing the best deal, understanding the importance of security features, and tips for navigating customer service, ensuring an informed choice for both personal and business financial management.

1. Walmart Checks

Walmart Checks emerges as a standout choice for those looking to order checks online, blending affordability with a vast selection of designs and security features. Offering 120 checks for a modest $9.81, customers can choose from an extensive array of personal check designs, including but not limited to:

  • Popular and New Check Designs: Ranging from classic to contemporary.
  • Specialty Checks: Disney, Patriotic, Dog Breeds, and Cause-Related options.
  • Security and Convenience: High-security checks featuring watermarks, microprinting, and a tamper-resistant design.

The ordering process is straightforward, ensuring security and efficiency with most orders shipping within three business days. Payment options are diverse, accepting all major credit cards, and for those seeking added protection, Walmart Checks provides CheckSafe™, a service aiding in check fraud prevention. Furthermore, the commitment to customer privacy and data protection is evident through their clear policies and options for customers to manage their personal information online. With a mix of quality materials, advanced security features, and an easy ordering process, Walmart Checks stands as a reliable and affordable option for both personal and business check needs.

2. Super Value Checks

For those seeking the most economical option without compromising on quality, Super Value Checks stands out as a beacon of affordability in the realm of online check ordering. With prices starting at a mere $1.95 for a box of 60 checks, roughly translating to 3 cents per check, it’s hard to overlook the value offered here. Super Value Checks doesn’t just win on price; they also boast a selection of over 200 designs, catering to both personal and business needs, including single and duplicate checks. This variety ensures that every check can reflect the personality or branding of its writer, making each transaction not just a financial act, but a statement.

  • Comprehensive Offerings: Beyond the basics, the company extends its product line to include business and laser checks, deposit tickets, and an array of checking accessories, ensuring a one-stop-shop experience for all checking needs. Their commitment to quality is evident, with all products meeting or exceeding bank compliance standards, ensuring peace of mind with each order.
  • Security and Savings: Recognizing the importance of security, Super Value Checks employs several features to safeguard your financial transactions, including designer business checks and Accuvision Checks noted for their high levels of protection. Furthermore, customers can enjoy direct-to-consumer prices up to 70% below bank prices, along with a 20% site-wide discount with the offer code TRUST20, making it an unbeatable deal for both personal and business use.

The customer-centric approach extends to their support system, offering assistance via email and phone, ensuring queries and concerns are addressed promptly. This blend of affordability, variety, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction solidifies Super Value Checks’ position as a top contender for those looking to order checks online in 2024.

3. Costco Checks

Costco Checks offers a comprehensive selection of personal and business checks, ensuring Costco members enjoy real cost savings alongside exclusive designs and security features. Here’s what sets Costco Checks apart:

  • Exclusive Member Pricing: Gold Star/Business Members can order a 200-count box of basic checks for $18.70, approximately 9 cents per check, with Executive Members enjoying an additional 20% savings. Basic checks for Executive Members are priced at $20.02 for 400 checks.
  • Security and Customization: High-security options include foil holograms and thermochromic ink, alongside personalized accessories like return address labels and checkbook covers. Business checks are available in manual and laser formats, featuring stringent security measures.
  • Ease of Ordering: Free standard delivery is available for all personal products, with a Quick Reorder option to save time. The ordering process requires your bank account and routing number, with support available via email or phone.

Costco’s partnership with Harland Clarke, a leading checks provider, ensures high-quality, secure checks. This, combined with Costco’s exclusive member benefits and a wide range of product offerings, makes it a top choice for those looking to order checks online.

4. Checks in the Mail

Checks in the Mail stands as a venerable provider in the realm of online check ordering, boasting a legacy dating back to 1922. With a commitment to both personal and business financial needs, they offer:

  • Diverse Selection: Over 200 check designs, complemented by matching accessories like checkbook covers and address stamps, cater to a broad spectrum of styles and requirements.
  • Advanced Security: Their checks incorporate top-tier security features such as invisible fluorescent fibers, heat-sensitive ink, and holograms to combat fraud effectively.
  • Customization Options: For a more personalized touch, customers can add photos, select special fonts, and choose from hundreds of logos to make their checks truly their own.

Moreover, Checks in the Mail provides an array of check types, including manual, computer checks compatible with popular accounting software, and high-security options, ensuring a fit for every need. Their comprehensive approach extends to customer service, with various payment methods and shipping options, including free non-trackable and expedited services. Despite mixed customer reviews, their enduring presence and commitment to security and variety make them a noteworthy option for ordering checks online.

5. Bradford Exchange Checks

Bradford Exchange Checks distinguishes itself in the market with its high-quality checks and exceptional customer service, offering a box of 100 checks at $21.45. This provider stands out for its:

  • Wide Variety of Designs: Catering to diverse interests and passions, including themes like Disney, STAR WARS, and nature, personal checks can reflect individual style or brand identity.
  • Personalized Products: Beyond checks, they offer an array of personalized items such as cosmetic bags and phone stands, enhancing the personal or business branding experience.
  • Security and Compliance: All checks meet ANSI requirements, bolstered by additional services like EZShield® for fraud protection.

Ordering is streamlined through their website, promising up to 70% savings compared to bank prices, with a user-friendly interface that includes a ‘Shop by Subject’ feature for easy navigation. Exclusive email offers and a comprehensive guide on check ordering and reordering make Bradford Exchange Checks a go-to for both new and returning customers seeking quality and value in their check purchases.


In the digital age, the convenience and customization offered by ordering checks online cannot be overstated. Our comprehensive guide has showcased the top destinations to consider in 2024 for anyone looking to blend security features with personal or business branding, highlighting how these services cater to a vast array of preferences while ensuring financial transactions remain secure and reflective of individual identity or business personas. Whether seeking personal checks with intricate designs or business checks that align with your brand’s ethos, the options are plentiful and tailored to meet specific financial needs, making it easier for consumers and business owners alike to find their best fit in the digital marketplace.

Furthermore, the significance of choosing a reputable company for ordering checks—be it for personal use, small businesses, or larger enterprises—cannot be understated. The highlighted providers not only offer an array of designs and security features but also prioritize customer service, ensuring a seamless transaction from selection to delivery. With the evolution of online banking and financial decisions becoming more digitally inclined, the ability to order checks that align with personal preferences, offer enhanced security features, and come with the assurance of customer support offers a bridge between traditional banking practices and the future of financial transactions. As we navigate the landscape of online financial management, the importance of informed decision-making in selecting the right check provider becomes crucial for both security and personal or business branding.

In conclusion, there are a lot of options for both businesses and consumers to choose from when it comes to ordering checks online in 2024 in order to satisfy their needs both aesthetically and financially. The best companies in this industry provide a wide range of offers that satisfy different tastes, from the least expensive option for people on a tight budget to options with special features for sports teams or businesses. Experts from the Federal Reserve and Better Business Bureau advise taking into account the extra features, cost of checks, and service providers’ reputations when making this financial decision. Award-winning editors and subject matter experts from reliable sources, such as Sam’s Club and Carousel Checks, guarantee that the information you rely on is fact-checked, objective, and compliant with stringent editorial guidelines for those looking for expert advice. This guarantees that the information you receive to inform your financial decision-making is pertinent and accurate. Furthermore, businesses can improve the effectiveness and security of financial transactions by providing manual checks, carbon copy options, and high-security features like magnetic ink character recognition (MICR).

Financial institutions set industry standards to protect your financial information, whether you’re an executive member of a federal credit union looking for free checks or a small business owner in need of a business account with a variety of check designs. The simplicity of online banking and the ability to place direct product orders from a company’s own, exclusive website also make getting new checks easier. When looking for the best place to order checks, take into account the cost of the checks, whether free shipping is offered, and any extra features that might be helpful for your checking account, such as carousel checks or carbon copies. Whether you’re paying with a debit card or another method, don’t forget to safeguard your account number and check number. You can find inexpensive checks or more expensive options that offer excellent value and improve your financial decision-making process if you do the proper research and take into account your financial needs and your self-selected credit score range. In the end, there’s a solution out there that meets your needs, regardless of whether you’re searching for the best deal, complimentary checks, or checks with extra features. You can find the best deal on checks that meet your personal or business needs by speaking with financial advisors, checking with member services, and taking the advice of subject matter experts.

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What is the Premier Online Destination for Ordering Checks in 2024?

Answer: The top spot for ordering checks online is Walmart Checks, renowned for its overall excellence. For those seeking the best value, Super Value Checks is the go-to option. Costco Checks stands out for its superior security features, while Checks in the Mail offers the best deals and discounts. Bradford Exchange Checks is noted for its high-quality checks, and Check Advantage boasts the most diverse selection.

How Safe Is It to Purchase Checks Online?

Answer: Yes, purchasing checks online is generally safe. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Always ensure you’re ordering from a secure and trusted website, and opt for reputable check providers to minimize risks.

Can checks be ordered from providers other than my bank?

Answer: Absolutely, you’re not limited to ordering checks from your bank or credit union. There are numerous online merchants and national retailers that offer checks, often at a more affordable price than what banks might charge.

Are Vistaprint checks secure to order?

Answer: Yes, ordering custom checks from Vistaprint is secure. The company prioritizes cybersecurity, employing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to safeguard your personal information. Rest assured, Vistaprint does not retain your account or routing numbers, ensuring your data’s safety.

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